WELCOME TO CREATORY: Vol.1 - Local is lovely

23-24 AUGUST, 2014
A festival celebration of Singapore's creative talent
On August 23 and 24 we gathered more than 60 of the little red dot's most innovative tastemakers to rock an eight storey repurposed factory building.
Shall we do it again sometime?


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What is Creatory?

Shining the spotlight on the incredible creative talent in Singapore, CREATORY brings together almost 60 of the biggest innovators on the little red dot for a festival unlike any other.
The best of Singapore’s most creative disciplines - food, beverage, art, music, design, architecture, retail and entertainment will curate and create at factory just outside of the central area.
Guests can expect innovative food & beverage experiences from some of Singapore’s most popular chefs, restaurants and bars, live art installations, DJ and music performances and opportunities to attend pop-up workshops.
CREATORY will be housed in Tasty Plaza, a newly repurposed industrial building in the Macpherson estate, which is dedicated to F&B and lifestyle entrepreneurs.


Who is taking part?

Participating partners include &SONS, 2am:dessertbar, Arm Collective, Artichoke, Art Loft, Bettr Barista, Big Ass Fans, Carte Postale, Charlie & Co., Commune Furniture, Compass Entertainment, Desinere, DJ KFC, DJ Oliver Osborne, DJ Zig Zach, Fuzzie, Gatehouse Publishing, GSH Conserves, GoGorilla, Haystakt, Hjgher, Hunters Kitchenette, Iceman, Jones the Grocer, Jugoo Juice, Kilo, Kith, Kult, Magpie, Makers of Singapore, Marco Marco, Matzo Gallery, MERCURY, Morsels, Mr. Has, Mudrock, Naiise, Ong & Ong Experience Design, Ong Shunmugam, Paradises, Park Bench Deli, Pop Trash, Preparazzi, Proof & Co., Squelch Zines, The Arm Collective, The Edible Co., The Ice Cream & Cookie Co., The Paper Bunny, The Singapore Straits Wine Company, The Traveling C.O.W., Thieves Market, TINKR, Tippling Club, Tofu, Tyrwhitt General Company, Uber, and Xtra.
More partners will be announced soon.



8@ate Productions is a new arm of Singapore Integrated Communications Agency The Ate Group.
For CREATORY Ate is working in partnership with home grown agencies, ONG & ONG Experience Design, Tofu, Hjgher and Kult; who will curate various levels in the creative factory.
Founded in 2006, Ate is a Singapore-based integrated communications agency that manages local, regional and global campaigns for a select group of companies drawn from the hospitality and lifestyle industries.
Clients include TWG Tea, JAAN, Unilever, Hermes, Bulgari, The Senso Group and Resorts World Sentosa. Services include public relations, events, digital, marketing, branding, design and content development.


  • image Thank you so much for all the love, support and fun. Exhausting but awesome! Once we're recovered we'll be checking our emails and thinking of our next move.

    Please drop us an email anytime at admin@creatory.sg

23 - 24 August 2014
@Tasty Plaza
37 MacTaggart Road
Singapore, 368083
From 11am Until Late
Shuttle Bus and Parking info


CREATORY takes place at 37 MacTaggart Road, Singapore, 368083 on 23-24 August 2014 from 11am until late. After-parties will run from 11pm.
A complimentary shuttle service will run every 15 minutes to and from Tai Seng MRT station (from 11am until 10pm leaving from Exit B)
Tickets start at $28 for a one day pass, or S$48 for a two day pass which will get you access to the venue and S$10 of credit.
There will be additional charges for food, drinks and some of the workshops

Tasty Plaza is a repurposed industrial building dedicated to Singapore's F&B and lifestyle entrepreneurs.
It is a warehouse for those looking to join a like-minded community of tenants passionate about creating tasty products.
Factory meets art and design in a fully functional production space and refrigerated warehouse.
For leasing information call Gerald Quek
Mobile : +65 9047 7619
Email: gerald.quek@colliers.com
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